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Writing Services

In addition to writing books, I offer freelance writing and editing services. 


I'm the author of three novels and a children's picture book. In addition, I have been published online at Momastery,Yahoo, Red Tricycle, Hubpages, Helium and on my personal blogs. My print articles have appeared in Salient and Compassionate Friends Magazine. I've also written and produced short film scripts and plays. I completed Yahoo Academy courses in SEO, grammar, punctuation and other web writing topics. I've published content in the following subjects: parenting, relationships, food, travel, film/t.v. and frugal living. 

I've worked with nonprofit and small business clients to create compelling blogs, web content and other collateral sales content.

  • Blogs, web and social media content 
  • E-blasts and press releases
  • Articles and newsletters
  • Resumes/cover letters, personal ads & query letters
  • Short films and plays
  • I'm open to projects not listed here as well.

GRAPHICS: I also make simple graphic teasers for social media using Canva.

RATES: .02 cents per word or $20 per hour for most projects. I invoice via Paypal.

Feel free to contact me about your project at:

Links to a few clips, more available upon request:

Nonprofit website content
Article on RedTri Parenting Site


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