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Before becoming a mom and a writer, I worked in non-profits. Philanthropy is still close to my heart. I will include links of good organizations that involve books or writing if you are looking for a way to give back, check 'em out.

Authors Supporting Our Troops (FB Group)
This is a writer who collects donated signed copies of books from authors. He sends thousands of books to troops each year. This year in 2015 I was able to send a few copies of Dating Maggie before the year-end deadline. He's starting over with collections for 2016

Children's Book Bank
They collect book donations and put them in the hands of children in need.

Write Around Portland
This organization helps under-served communities express themselves through writing. They do workshops and create anthologies and readings around Portland, OR.


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Last Day to Enter Dating Maggie Paperback Giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway Dating Maggie by M.J. Greenway Giveaway ends July 04, 2016. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway

***.99 New Romantic Mystery Release***

Sarah Starting Over (novella #1) ends with some unanswered questions for a P.I. and a windowed mom. 

Greyson Starting Over is novella #2. It takes place one year later in the sleepy seaside town of Siletz Bay. Greyson and Sarah’s wedding planning comes to a halt when they must find a missing girl. 

Will Greyson get a chance to start over with Sarah after all they’ve been through? 

One click to buy on Amazon

But wait, there's more! 

Sarah Starting Over is FREE 
today and tomorrow to celebrate 
Greyson Starting Over's release.

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Writing Inspiration

I just answered this reader question over at Goodreads and thought I would post my answer here as well. If you write, what inspires you? How do you get inspired to write? M.J. GreenwayThere are so many times when I'm inspired by something I've read or watched on TV. For example, I remember reading Gone Girl and yearning to be able to one day write a book that well crafted.
That said, most of the writing time isn't about inspiration, it's just about writing most days and seeing where you get. I write an outline and start with a few characters and conflicts and an idea for an ending. As days pass, more details occur to me and snowball into a full fledged story over time. Walks or bike rides can help too.
For my romantic mysteries, Sarah Starting Over and Greyson Starting Over, I wanted to write about parenting and grief and my friend urged me to write about a disabled character. Because of my childhood love of Murder She Wrote, I also wanted to try my hand and writing a mys…