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Cover Reveal

Here's the back of the book blurb:

With her 25th birthday looming, Maggie Jennings makes herself a promise… She will get a boyfriend and an acting gig within the year or break-up with Tinsel Town for good!
She has a cool job as a movie studio guide, and Botoxed blondes and traffic jams have even started to grow on her. She’s using a new dating app and has a dating vlog—but she yearns for more.
Cliff Kincade is in L.A. for a wedding, but he’d much rather be back home at his Oregon ranch…
Still stinging from a divorce, he’s gun-shy about women. But when he meets a cute, curvy tour guide, he’s surprised by the chemistry between them. His ranch keeps him in Oregon, though, and Maggie’s Hollywood dreams keep her in L.A., a situation that can’t possibly work. 
Proximity isn’t a guarantee a relationship will succeed—and distance isn’t a guarantee it won’t…

Dating Maggie Book Trailer

Cliff's song for Maggie

Brad Paisley's Waitn' On A Woman

A Message for Maggie's Potential Suitors

I imagine my main character singing Meghan Trainor's Dear Future Husband.'s Dating Tips is mentioned in my book Dating Maggie.  When I was single, I may or may not have used the site:) I found this funny Ellen clip that discusses the best and worst phrases to use in your profile.

Casting Couch

It's fun to envision actors who make you think of characters from your book.

Ryan Gosling could play Brad or Cliff. But we might need the younger version of him circa The Notebook.

I think Jennifer Lawrence would make a great Maggie.