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3 Places to Look for a Date

I'm married now, but when I was dating, I was looking for love in all the wrong places. Let's just say new age workshops about "finding the one" are not attended by hot firefighters or billionaire CEO's or by any men for that matter.

These workshops were just filled with desperate ladies like myself that didn't yet understand that the time and money spent there would have served us better if we'd spent it at say, Home Depot. Which, as it turns out is number one on my list.

Now that I've had almost eight years of married life to study man-habits. I can so clearly see where I should have been spending my time if I wanted to meet someone like my husband. If you are single and on the hunt, I hope this will help you think outside the box.

If this list doesn't work, try this: imagine all the activities you like to do and don't do those for awhile, go places and do things out of your wheelhouse. If you love wandering around used bookstores, for example, imagine where a guy who hates to read might be, maybe a game store? Once you're married you can go back to spending your time doing stuff you actually enjoy, like your all-girl book/wine club.

So here's my list:

1. Home Depot  
Yes, you will have to glance at the ring fingers because a lot of married guys go to Home Depot too. But there must be single guys there as well and they teach classes on how to make stuff. You'll walk away with more than you'll get at one of those new age dating seminars. Disclaimer: If you see my husband there, stay away, the 6 ft. 4 engineer with the bag of fertilizer is all mine!

2. Comic Con
Sure, I'd have no interest in going there but I love smart, geeky guys so it probably would've been wise for me to show up there in a Wonder Woman costume at some point.

3. Paintball or Laser Tag Place
Admittedly, this one might be best for the college-aged girls and still may seem juvenile, but there will be dudes there especially during an evening on a weekend. And if there is no one you like at least you'll be able to get out your aggression by shooting guys with balls of paint. That's not a waste of a Saturday.

Feel free to leave your favorite meeting spots in the comments section.


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