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Life Lessons Learned From Felicity

Felicity originally aired in 1998, eighteen years ago. I watched it then and loved it. And recently I discovered all four seasons were on Hulu, so I started watching it again. It may surprise some to know it was created in part by J.J. Abrams, known for Lost, Star Wars, Star Trek and Alias. 

Felicity is a girl whose just beginning college in New York after following (stalking) a boy there. It's hard to blame her, Ben is nineties eye candy for sure. Those piercing hazel eyes, brilliant smile and floppy dishwater blond hair would drive anyone across country to be in his proximity. Not really, in real life, I'm proud to say I didn't follow any hot boy from high school to college. But then she befriends Noel, the geeky/hot RA on her floor. And he's no slouch with his soulful brown eyes, dimples and floppy brown hair. Each year follows Felicity as she cycles back and forth between these two guys and makes her way from freshman to senior. And then there's the time travel spell, what???

Life Lessons Learned from Watching Felicity:

1. If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. 
One thing this show does brilliantly well, is capture that gritty, real feel of living in NYC, unlike shows like "Friends." I say this based on my real life experience of living there for one summer when I was 20. It's all I could take. If the aroma of urine on the streets, crime and high rent can be tolerated, the culture and vibrancy of the city may be worth it. I did enjoy the Broadway shows. The point is, if one survives four years of college there, it's a real accomplishment and will make life in any other city seem a million times easier. IMHO. No offense to my New Yorker friends, my hat is off to you.

2. Hook up with the hot guy, marry the smart guy. 
This was my personal take-away. I will not comment on whether the main character learned this lesson or not. In the long term, I think it's important to have a partner who is smart and loyal and capable of making and managing money. When I first watched the show I was #TeamBen all the way. Now when I watch it, I'm totally #TeamNoel. And I hate to say that's based on age and experience.

3. C is for college, not for commitment. 
What other time in life will one be surrounded by so many easy dating opportunities? In an ideal world, one shouldn't have a boyfriend at all during this time. How about some safe fun with more than one boy? Because will likely have fun with another girl at some point. That said, there are some who meet the one they will marry in college, but in an ideal world, getting together with that guy would happen in the senior year, when sewing of oats has already occurred.

4. Enjoy being young and full of hope.
Did watching this show make me wanna go back in time? Not really. But I do miss that feeling of the whole world of possibility being open. For most in college, you don't know for sure what you'll do for a living, where you'll live or who you'll marry yet. And the elixr of anxiety and excitement is exhilarating and terrifying. I admit, viewing the show this time around, I yell at the TV as a mom who wants to save Felicity from the misery I can see coming, like that very bad haircut. But she's gotta learn on her own via "natural consequences" as all the parenting books say.

So as network shows go into hibernation for summer, if you are looking for a fun binge watching opportunity, I recommend Felicity. But I will warn you, two to three episodes in a sitting will guarantee angst filled dreams with these characters wandering around a gritty urban terrain, furrowing their eyebrows while holding cups of coffee.


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